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Blue Valley Community Action Partnership's Gage County Family and Community Services Center provides an array of programs and assistance to low-to-moderate income individuals and families. This includes a food pantry, short-term emergency assistance, help with applying for SNAP and other benefits, and providing referrals to any and all available programs,  within both BVCA and the broader community. 

For people on the lower end of the income array, even relatively small financial shortfalls can be insurmountable. If the problem is not addressed, a small shortfall can quickly snowball into much larger and more expensive issues. BVCA wants to stop the snowball before it starts rolling, and to do that, we need the support of the public.   

For our Big Give Gage County project this year, we are seeking donations to assist low income families with small financial emergencies.  Examples include but are not limited to one-time rent or utility assistance (up to $300), gas cards to help clients get to work, bus or transit fees to the shelter in Lincoln, items needed to start a new job, and co-pays for medical prescriptions. 


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  • Stop the Snowball

    Imagine a snowball sitting at the top of a hill, and that the snowball represents a money-related problem in a person’s life.

    It’s a small snowball so it’s a relatively small problem: maybe it’s not having enough money for gas to get to and from work, or needing to replace a pair of steel-toed boots, or being a little short on an especially high utility bill. Sometimes, though, even a small amount of money is too much for a low-to-moderate income (LMI) person or family.

    The problem doesn’t get solved, so the snowball starts to roll downhill. Very quickly it gets bigger, and as it rolls the problem becomes more difficult and expensive to solve. Perhaps the client misses shifts at work or even loses their job. Their power might be turned off, or they may face eviction.  

    What if the problem could have been solved back when it was just a small snowball sitting at the top of a hill? What if it could have been taken care of without the additional expense and emotional trauma inflicted on a person or family?

    Blue Valley Community Action Partnership has set a fundraising goal of $5,000 to help the LMI population in Gage County meet those unexpected expenses that, while relatively small, can still seem insurmountable. We don’t have grant money to do this, so we are seeking private donations from the generous people of the community.

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