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About Our Organization

We are a non-profit no kill rescue organization committed to providing resources and education regarding the ever growing pet population problem. 

We RESCUE Dogs who are in High Kill Shelters. We spay and neuter, give rescues thier shots, pay for any medical needs and provide microchiping. Our organization supports families with a pet food pantry, as well as continual training and education for our pets in their "Furever" homes. 

Current Project:

Past Projects

  • special needs

    2020 has been a hard year for non profits,  and we are doing all we can to save dogs in need, help with costs for medical care, which includes spay and neuter, emergencies, ongoing health care, etc. We provide low cost microchipping and nail clipping services for the community, while trying to raise funds for the animals in our care.  We are currently struggling to pay for the sizable fees involved with long term care of two dogs that have special needs, and any amount is immensly helpful.

  • Vet Care

    Money raised during the Big Give will be used to continue our work of rescue, foster, and medical care for dogs who have run out of options. Over the last five years we have recused over 250 dogs and placed them in their "furever" homes. Each animal costs around $625 to save, including food, bedding, veterinary care and training. 

    Our goal of $12,500 will help us save 20 dogs this year. 

    Everyday we are contacted by someone who needs to re-home their dog or a shelter reaching out for help for a dog they no longer have room for. Please consider making a donation, or contact us to become a foster family!

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P.O. BOX 301
WYMORE, NE 68466

(402) 223-9401

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