The Society of Saint Vincent DePaul, Beatrice Conference

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The Society of Saint Vincent DePaul, Beatrice Conference

This Year's Project: The Recently Ill, Injured and Widowed

About Our Organization

Society of St. Vincent de Paul (or "Vincentians") are men and women who strive to grow spiritually by offering person-to-person services to people in need. We often help with rent, utilities, furniture and car repair needs. We arrange to pay the landlord or utility companies directly so that your donations are used exactly as intended. If you know someone in need, our local line for help is: 402-435-7968 (The call center is located in Lincoln, but the visit will be sent to our conference if the home address is within our area.)

Current Project: The Recently Ill, Injured and Widowed

The Society of St. Vincent DePaul has been helping those in need in Gage County for more than 10 years (and worldwide since 1833). In the course of our work, we have seen patterns emerge with the needs of the poor. Recently in Gage County, we have received many requests for help from those who suddenly - and sometimes unexpectedly - find themselves ill, injured or widowed. Quick changes in life can be stressful - financially, emotionally and spiritually - especially for those who lack economic and social safety nets. Our methods have not changed: we still visit those in need in their homes, get to know them, learn their situation, accompany them through difficulty, and offer advice and access to resources. We encourage people to think about systemic change: if we help with the rent for this month, what is the plan for next month? The needs of the community evolve over time. Your contribution to our society in 2023 will be used to assist Gage County residents who all at once find themselves in a situation they had not foreseen. May God bless you for your generosity. 

Past Projects

  • Car Repairs for People in Need

    Project Details

    The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul (SVdP) is one of the few organizations in the region that helps with car repairs for people in need. Beatrice has a significant amount of citizens that commute to their jobs either at Koch and Continental Carbonics or to other cities like Marysville or Lincoln. Due to the commuter situation of our region, we have seen an increasing number of requests to help with car repairs and tire replacement. SVdP not only helps with the car repairs, but we also work with the people we are assisting to establish car maintenance budgets to help them maintain their vehicle in the long term. In the effort to make sure we are doing everything we can to help our community prosper, we also only use local repair shops for all the work for the car repairs we provide. Please consider helping us with our goal so that we can continue to provide this much needed service to those in need our community.

  • Direct line to locals in need

    Project Details

    The money this organization raises goes only to the poor in our community. We visit with the poor in their homes (if they have a home) when they call for help so that we get to know not only about the immediate need (often rent, utilities, help with medical bills or car troubles) but also about any other surrounding issues that might be present for which we might also provide help (referral for domestic abuse, legal questions, budgeting advice, or furniture needs, just to name a few). We aim to get to know the people we assist and form human relationships. This process helps not only those in need, but encourages personal and spiritual growth for our members. Although the Society is affiliated with St. Joseph Catholic Church in Beatrice, we welcome volunteers from all faith traditions.

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The Society of Saint Vincent DePaul, Beatrice Conference

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