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Wymore Emergency Medical Services

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The mission of Wymore EMS is to serve people and protect lives through the provisions of professional emergency medical services 24 hours per day. The areas served are Wymore, Blue Springs, Barneston and Liberty, along with the rural areas of each. Wymore EMS consists of 10 volunteer members including EMT's, EMR's and Support Drivers. Wymore EMS has a Stop the Bleed Instructor, a Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator, five members continuing their education and recently was recognized by the State of Nebraska EMS Division in May of 2021 for a Code Save in March of 2021. Wymore EMS is very active in the community with hosting annual events such as National Night Out, training with other agencies, offers a scholarship each year to a Southern High School graduating Senior and covers sporting events such as Football games. Another way that Wymore EMS strives to provide excellent service and keep the community safe is by providing AED pads to area AED's so that in the unlikely event an AED is needed it is ready to be used. While Wymore EMS does receive county funds to assist with operation, the membership does have to purchase supplies, equipment, insurance, pay for maintenance and is responsible for costs associated with an agreement with Beatrice Fire and rescue to provide ALS services as necessary.

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  • Building and Equipment

    Wymore EMS has one ambulance, a 2015 Ford and is currently housed in a shared building with very limited space available to store supplies and equipment, train and host meetings. Wymore EMS relies on patient billing and a very generous $40,000 each year from Gage County. Wymore EMS would like to purchase a second ambulance and build a new building that will allow for the space necessary to train, store equipment and ample parking of two units to better serve the areas of Wymore, Blue Springs, Barneston and Liberty.

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Wymore Emergency Medical Services

115 West E Street
Wymore, NE 68466

(402) 239-8497

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