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The mission of the Beatrice Community Hospital Foundation is to encourage and inspire charitable giving that will enhance patient-and-family-centered healthcare services provided by the Beatrice Community Hospital & Health Center and its associated entities.

Beatrice Community Hospital & Health Center is a community, not-for-profit organization dedicated to serving Beatrice and its surrounding communities. As the largest rural hospital in Southeast Nebraska, we provide a continuum of care that includes emergency services, a wide range of inpatient and outpatient services, women's and children's care, orthopedic and general surgery, and family and internal medicine physicians, as well as home care and hospice. We are committed to providing Incredible Care. Incredibly Close.

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  • "Picture Perfect"

    The BCH Foundation is focusing on the Diagnostic Imaging Department as a part of this year’s project by requesting assistance in purchasing a second Mobile X-Ray Machine.

    The BCH Diagnostic Imaging team includes 14 Imaging Technologists who provide X-ray services for Beatrice Community Hospital on a 24/7/365 basis. Our staff completes nearly 10,000 x-ray exams per year in outpatient, clinical, inpatient, emergency and surgical settings. Radiography (x-ray) is the core skill for each of our Technologists, and each is also cross-trained and proficient in CT.  In addition, some of the Radiographers have also trained in areas like Mammography and MRI.

    Jesse Young, the Director of Diagnostic Imaging, states, “Diagnostic Imaging uses various technology and techniques to non-invasively allow physicians to view the inside of a patient’s body.  The images generated by our technology aid in determining the causes of injury or illness and allow physicians to confirm a diagnosis.”

    It is crucial to make a patient as comfortable as possible during their stay and the BCH Hospital can do this by bringing the x-ray to the patient.

    Most x-ray services are provided in one of our three x-ray suites at the hospital. However, not all patients can be transferred to our suite for x-rays; this is especially true in emergencies. For this reason, a mobile x-ray machine is one of the most critical pieces of technology in the entire Imaging Department.  Whether it be post-operative x-rays, newborn babies, sick/elderly/handicapped patients who cannot easily be transported or critical emergencies anywhere in the hospital, the mobile x-ray machine allows the imaging department to provide x-ray services at the point of care promptly. 

    Given the critical nature of this technology to our department and organization, BCH would like to ensure that our physicians and patients are not affected by the inevitable situations where the equipment needs repair. For this reason, we feel it is vital that BCH maintains two mobile x-ray units at all times.

    Thank you for your investment to health care in Gage County!

  • A Breath of Fresh Air

    Help us give our patients "A Breath of Fresh Air."

    The BCH Foundation asks for assistance to purchase two Vapotherm HiVNI (Hi velocity nasal insufflation) devices.

    Vapotherm high velocity therapy is an advanced form of high flow oxygen delivery, capable of providing ventilatory support, without the need for a tight-fitting respiratory mask. Vapotherm has been used by 1,250 hospitals and 1.5 million patients to date. Backed by strong clinical data, Vapotherm is proven to help patients with respiratory conditions avoid placement on BiPAP machines which require the patient to wear a mask over their nose and mouth during until their cardiopulmonary crisis has resolved and may help patients avoid invasive intubation and placement on a ventilator. 

    One device can allow the Beatrice Community Hospital to comfortably treat a broad range of breathing issues, from supporting the needs of COVID-19 patients, newborns, COPD, pneumonia and heart failure patients.

    The cost of each device, the cost to provide reliable and comfortable breath, is $6,640. Two Vapotherm ventilator support systems will allow BCH to care for every patient who needs it.  

    The benefits of Vapotherm are many:

    • The comfort of wearing a nasal cannula vs a pressurized mask over the nose and mouth.
    • The ability to communicate with caregivers and loved ones while receiving breath and oxygen support.
    • The ability to have good oral hygiene because no mask is used.
    • The ability to take medications, nutrition and water by mouth while breathing is being supported.The ability for clinicians to provide precision control of the oxygen level, flow rate of the gas, and temperature of the gas allows for control of the patient’s comfort and management of certain laboratory blood values. 


    “I can attest to the patient success and respiratory therapist satisfaction with the Vapotherm.  I worked with countless patients on this device at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital (a Vapotherm Center of Excellence) in Lincoln NE with over 15 years of Vapotherm use at that organization.  Vapotherm truly has been responsible for hundreds of successful patient liberations for ventilators and keeps people off of ventilators.” “This technology would be an extraordinary tool in the cardiopulmonary department of any community access hospital and would set us above what other similar hospitals can provide.”– Joe Rush Registered Respiratory Therapist, Registered Neonatal and Pediatric Respiratory Therapist and Cardiopulmonary Director BCH. 


  • Delivering Life's most Treasured Moments

    When a new baby is on the way, the top priority at the Beatrice Community Hosptial is delivering a healthy, happy little one in a safe and caring environment. 

    To do this, we need your help. The professionals at BCH rely heavily on advanced technology to provide quality care, safely and efficiently. We would like assistance to purchase two new Phillips brand Avalon CTS Wireless Fetal Monitors to provide quality care to the nearly 200 babies born each year at Beatrice Community Hospital.

     We want to give Mom the best chance of having a successful and worry-free delivery. With traditional monitors Mom is required to have continuous monitoring but she is faced with having to be attached to the moitors and cords on the traditional fetal monitors, limiting movement. Studies show that frequent moving and repositioning help the labor process. Wireless monitors are used on expectant mothers to give them the freedom to move freely while in labor. Using a wireless monitor gives nurses and doctors the ability to keep a close eye on baby's heartbeat and Mom's contractions, while Mom still has the independence to walk around, use the whirlpool, and change positions frequently. 

    “At Beatrice Community Hospital, our nurses take pride in helping a new Mom to feel safe and comfortable during the big day. Any assistance with purchasing two new wireless monitors would help out greatly to continue to provide the great service our labor and delivery staff strive to provide.”  Jill Allen, OB Coordinator

    The Phillips Avalon CTS Wireless Fetal Monitors cost over $11,500 each. Our goal for the Big Give Gage is to raise $23,000 and purchase two new monitors to replace the outdated monitors currently in use, and continue to safely welcome each and every happy little bundle of joy!

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