Great Plains Welsh Heritage Project

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Great Plains Welsh Heritage Project

This Year's Project: Upgrade of audio/visual system

About Our Organization

We are the only Welsh museum in the U.S. and Canada dedicated to those hearty souls who traveled across the pond for land. The Homestead Act was a very important part of these immigrants with a dream of farming. We have a museum, state-of-the art Archive and manage the Railroad Museum and one-room school in Wymore. In our Mission Statement we preserve, interpret and celebrate the history of Welsh pioneers on the North American prairies. In 2023 we will host a national festival for Welsh Americans and Canadians. This festival has never been in Nebraska and we are most excited to promote our state and especially southeast Nebraska.

Current Project: Upgrade of audio/visual system

The audio/visual system currently located at the Welsh Museum is very outdated. As we grow with our membership and visitors to the Centre, we require the latest in technology to showcase our many DVD's, programs that we provide the community and activities in the Welsh garden. In 2017, a professional DVD was produced and shown in the U.S. and Wales entitled "Pobl y Paith"; People of the Plains. It is currently accessible on our Website: Looking ahead to September 2023, we will host the North American Festival of Wales and we anticipate entertaining many interested individuals of our Welsh ancestry and for this reason an update to our system is a requirement.

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Great Plains Welsh Heritage Project

307 S. 7th Street
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