Southern School District/Arbor State Park Track on behalf of Southern Youth Sports

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Southern School District/Arbor State Park Track Project, with the help of Southern Youth Sports, is a newly formed organization with the sole purpose of improving the community through upgrading the current track facility.

                                                                                      MISSION STATEMENT:

     To provide an environment where students can safely practice for track and field events, host track meets and prosper from an increased level of support by family and friends.

     To create a space for all to walk/jog safely other than the local streets and to promote a healthy, active lifestyle.

     To stimulate the local economy as a result of holding more sporting events that will attract more visitors, increasing the dollars spent at local businesses.


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  • Southern School District/Arbor State Park Track Project

    Our sole purpose is to improve the community through upgrading the current track facility that is located at the Arbor State Park, surrounding the Southern High School football field. The upgrade would include a regulation track for school and community use. This would provide opportunities for the school to host district and conference track meets each year. It would also provide a safe facility for patrons to walk and run. The current condition of the track does not allow for track athletes and patrons to use the facility when there has been any precipitation. You can see in the photos and the video the current condition of the track. You can also see that the student athletes have to run in the street to practice or travel out of town. This new facility will also eliminate the current track team from traveling to surrounding communities to utilize their facilities for event practices.

    Your donations will benefit this project tremendously.  The total project cost is estimated at $1.1 million.  The project has received 2 grants for the project so far.  The track committee  and community members are passionate and dedicated to making this project succeed.  This track will be completed, its just a matter of how much time it will take to raise the money to make it happen. There have been many successful fundraisers as well as generous donations for this project.  We are in need of matching funds to apply for more grants.  All money raised will be used strictly for the Track project.  The more money we have available for matching funds, the more we can ask for in grants. Our goal amount for Big Give Day is $15,000, but as you can see we need alot more to complete this project.  If we could surpass our goal, we would be close to $80,000.  This is huge for grant writing.  

    The community has been overwhelmingly supportive of our efforts and will make this happen.  #raiderpride

    Thanks to all for believing in this!! 

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Southern School District/Arbor State Park Track on behalf of Southern Youth Sports

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