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The Beatrice Humane Society is a no-kill animal shelter offering pet adoptions through our shelter in Beatrice and both Lincoln PetSmart Adoption Centers. We are an organization dedicated to protecting and improving the quality of life of animals. Our life-saving activities continue to grow each year- even through 2020 with an unpredictable pandemic upsetting our planning.  In 2020, despite COVID, and shutdowns, and quarantines, we adopted out 1063 animals, breaking our previous record set in 2019 by 150 adoptions! All of that lifesaving was exhausting, but knowing that 1063 animals were in their forever homes, out of the cycle of rehoming, and safe from euthanasia made all of the other challenges well worth it! We have one of the highest (if not the highest) animal save rates in municipal shelters in the state at 98.1%, meaning we only had to euthanize 1.9% of animals coming into our care because of severe medical or behavioral problems that we couldn't treat or rehabilitate. Our organization primarily helps cats and dogs, but in just the last couple of years we have also helped with guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, ferrets, hawks, bats, snakes, fish and a tortoise! We want to be a no-kill resource for our community and beyond as we continue to find more ways to assist animals and their human companions.



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Past Projects

  • Providing Care For Animals In Our Community, And The People Who Love Them

    Project Details

    The Beatrice Humane Society has been advocating for the animals of Beatrice, Gage County and beyond for over twenty years. This means sheltering lost and injured animals and providing our community with altered, vaccinated and microchipped adoptable animals. We have acted as a resource to help get animals back home when lost, and keep animals in their homes through our emergency pet food bank, and find animals new homes when circumstances change but we know there is always more work to do. The communities we serve have been in need of low cost spay and neuter options for owned animals as well as feral, outdoor cats for many years. 


    We have heard the call and in 2022 we will be opening a low cost spay and neuter clinic!


    While there are still many questions we are working out, such as "Who will be or veterinarian?"" Where will the new clinic be?" "How will we set up appointments?" We are working out the details just as quickly as we can, but we do know this: we are committed to this project, we know its needed and we are going to make it a reality for our shelter and our community.


    We have already hit the ground running, we have already purchased two anesthetic machines, kennels and surgical tables, autoclaves and some surgical instruments, but there are still more large items we need to purchase. This clinic will be an invaluable resource for our community in helping correct feral cat problems, helping low income residents afford preventative care and providing additional surgeries for our shelter animals so that we can save even more at risk lives locally, regionally and beyond. 

    We will continue to create new programs and opportunities to improve the lives of the animals in our communities and the people that love them. But to do that we need your support.



    We are committed to creating new programs and opportunities to improve the lives of the animals in our communities and the people that love them. To do that we need your support, please click the donate button now to help us get this clinic started!



    $50 covers the cost of one neuter pack. This pack contains all the surgical equipment needed for a neuter procedure, these will be reused for many years to come. 

    $75 covers the cost of one spay or neuter for a shelter animal.

    $100 covers the cost of one tray of vaccines. 

    $200 covers the cost of one spay pack. This pack contains all the equipment needed for a spay procedure.

    $500 will allow us to purchase an ultrasonic cleaner to keep the surgical instruments in good condition for years to come.

    $2,500 will allow us to purchase a lift/mobile table to move animals from the prep room into the surgery suite and then back into recovery.  


  • Animal Care

    Project Details

    By March, it was apparent that 2020 was going to be a year like no other, that our lives were going to change and most of it was out of our control. Here at BHS, we regularly have to deal with situations that are out of our control and handle them in the best way possible. We have been riding the COVID wave as it has changed the way we interact with our animals, interact with the community and probably most importantly how our community needs us. We quickly realized we needed to shift our focus from intakes and adoptions to pet retention and community support. We focused on keeping each individual animal in its original home by increasing the use of our ever-growing pet food bank, by helping owners find resources for veterinary care and by providing owners with resources to access pet friendly housing. Almost instantaneously we saw a decrease in the number of local intakes, strays got reunited, owner surrenders decreased and mane of the animals needing rehomed were able to be rehomed safely outside of the shelter. It allowed us to fall back and take a safety net approach, where we were here primarily for the sick and injured animals in our community or those without any other options. This decrease in local intakes left us with very few animals in shelter available for adoption.

    As COVID shut down progressed across the Midwest, animal shelters were profoundly impacted with some euthanizing healthy, adoptable animals so they could shut down. We asked ourselves, how can we sit by and watch healthy adoptable animals be euthanized when we can help. So we helped. We worked with small and large municipal shelters in Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Oklahoma and Texas to save as many lives as we could. As of October 15th, we have saved over 360 lives from certain death situations locally and regionally. Our community has stepped up in a big way to help save animals through adoption. We continue to help all the animals we can while still making sure we are here as the safety net for our own community.

    Through our transition into being primarily a safety net for our community we have come across a greater number of animals in severe need, whether medical or behavioral, these animals wouldn’t be given a fighting chance in most shelters and euthanasia would occur. But they didn’t end up in another shelter. They made it to us, to safety, to people who care and above all else, want to help. We give them medications, special food, extra care, and most importantly, time. There is no expiration date here at our shelter, if an animal recovers in 4 days, we will place them up for adoption then, if an animal takes 3 months, we will place them up for adoption after 3 months. We give them the time and the care they need to recover and if no recovery is possibly we give them the love and warmth while they exchange their earthly body for a less broken one. We will be there fighting to help them get their happily ever after- that is our promise to every dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig, turtle, or other animals that joins our BHS family.  Will you help us continue to fulfill that promise with a donation today?

  • Animal Care

    Project Details

    Our animal care costs are our greatest expense, and when it comes down to it not a place that we can cut costs as a No-Kill Shelter! We provide all care for an animal entering our shelter including food, medical care, emergency care, spays/neuters, dentals if necessary and more. We make a commitment to each animal to get them ready for adoption and then find them their perfect forever home. Each pet has as long as they need to find their forever home as we do not euthanize for time or space. 

    $30 covers the staff time and gas to make one trip to transport animals and supplies between our adoption centers

    $50 covers the medical intake costs for one cat or dog $100 covers one emergency exam on an animal in our care

    $200 covers the cost of one dental procedure

    $300 covers one month of litter for cats in our care

    $500 covers the cost of feeding and caring for one mother cat and her 6 newborn kittens until they can be weaned and adopted out to furever homes

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Legal Name: Beatrice Humane Society

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