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This Year's Project: Spay, Nueter, Vet Bills Outdoor Kennels etc

About Our Organization

We are a 501c3 Dog Rescue. Since 2019 we have Rescued close to 1000 dogs from High Kill Shelters in Texas. Finding home

Current Project: Spay, Nueter, Vet Bills Outdoor Kennels etc

At Happy Dogz Rescue, we are dedicated to providing a safe and loving environment for dogs in need.

Our MISSION is to promote spay and neutering, educate young children and teens on proper animal relationships, offer microchip and nail clinics, save high kill shelter or at-risk dogs, and work with other rescues, communities and partners to save the lives of many dogs.

Your donation will directly contribute to three crucial areas of our rescue efforts:

1. **Dog Kennels**: Safe and comfortable shelter is essential for the well-being of our dogs. Your contribution will help us maintain and improve our kennel facilities, ensuring each dog has a warm and secure place to stay while awaiting their forever home.

2. **Microchips**: We believe in responsible pet ownership, which includes ensuring every dog we rescue is microchipped. This simple procedure greatly increases the chances of lost pets being reunited with their families. Your donation will cover the costs of microchipping each dog before they are adopted.

3. **Vet Bills**: Many of the dogs we rescue come to us in urgent need of medical attention. From vaccinations to surgeries to heartworm positive and parvo fees, your donation will help us provide essential veterinary care to dogs suffering from illness, injury, or neglect. Every dog deserves a chance to live a healthy and happy life, and your support makes this possible.

Your generosity will make a significant impact on the lives of these deserving animals. By donating to Happy Dogz Rescue, you are directly contributing to the well-being and future of dogs in need.


EVERY donation brings us closer to our goal of creating a world where every dog is loved and cared for.

Thank you for your compassion and support!

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Happy Dogz Rescue

1120 Scott St
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