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About Our Organization

Rita's Cat Rescue is a Nebraska licensed animal rescue. We are dedicated to giving cats a place to live safe and healthy lives. We operate a free-roaming facility providing care and a warm, loving environment for homeless cats to live out their lives in comfort. Currently, Rita's Cat Rescue is home to 63 cats and 10 foster cats and kittens. In addition, Rita's Cat Rescue manages four feral cat colonies in downtown Beatrice providing food and health care. We support trap, neuter, vaccinate, return to eliminate feline overpopulation.

Current Project:

Past Projects

  • Funds for the Helping Hands fund and a new washing machine for the rescue building.

    Project Details

    Two items are needed this year:


    • Continue funding the helping hands fund. This fund is to help pets get medical care when their owner cannot afford veternarian expenses from an unexpected illness or injury. The fund also pays for spay/neuter and shots. While the Rita's Cat Rescue building is for cats, this fund helps all animals. Some examples include a Cesarean section performed on a dog to save her and her 8! puppies and an euthanasia a for an owner whose dog had cancer.


    • A new washing machine is needed for the rescue building. About 24 loads of laundry are done every week. The laundry includes heavy pads, cat beds and blankets. All of this is very hard on washing machines. Our current machine, which was a very nice used machine, has failed. Unfortunately, the repair cost is more then the washing machine is worth. We have looked for another used machine but cannot find one that will work in the rescue building. A new washing machine has been ordered but now we need to pay for it.

  • Funds for The Helping Hand Fund and needed improvements to the Rita's Cat Rescue building.

    Project Details

    Two items are needed this year.

    1. Create the Helping Hands Fund. This fund is for expanded help for animal owners who face unexpected injury or illness of a pet and cannot afford veterinarian expenses.  The fund will also help pay for spay or neuter and shots. Rita's Cat Rescue can currently offer some financial help, but this fund would allow veterinarian care for more pets.  While Rita's Cat Rescue is for cats, this fund would be for all pets.

    2. The Rescue building needs improvements to the north side of the building to improve the cats' comfort and energy efficiency. The door and windows leak cold air in the winter and hot air in the summer. In addition, snow comes in under the door, and it ices over on the inside.  The windows and door would be replaced. In addition, the north wall needs to be insulated.


    The pictures above feature the following cats:

    Jasmine is a long-haired tiger cat who is 9-10.  Her owner relinquished Jasmine in 2018.

    Blondie is a buff and white cat who is 5-6.  Someone left her at one of the feral feeding stations in 2017.

    Pookie is an orange and white cat who is two years old.  He came as a small kitten from someone who could not care for him.

    Dixie Doodle is a tiger and white cat who is four years old.  She was found at a feral feeding station when very small in 2017.  Here brother Snooks is also in the Rescue.

    Spunky is an orange tiger with white accents.  He is two years old.  He was rescued from a downtown alley in 2019.

    Millie is a calico who is  1 ½ years old.  Her owner, who was homeless, relinquished Missy in 2020.

    Bessy is a black and white or tuxedo cat.  We are not sure of her age, but she is young.  She was left behind the rescue building in 2021.

    Topaz is a tortoiseshell cat who is 8-10 years old.  She has been at the Rescue for 8-9 years.  She came from a feral feeding station.

    Sweet Pea is a dilute calico cat.  She is 5-7 years old.  She was left behind the Rescue building in 2015-2016.

  • Funds for Veterinarian Care

    Project Details


    Veterinarian expenses for the cats make up a large percentage of the budget for operating the Cat Rescue. 

    ·        The normal care for 65 cats is expensive.  Some of the cats have chronic illnesses that require specialized shots and medication.  Sometimes special food is needed. As they age, many of the cats need dental surgery.  Revolution offers protection against parasites.  This treatment costs about $10 per dose and the cats get treatment multiple times a year.


    ·        Emergency veterinarian visits are costly.  Occasionally it is necessary for after hours and weekend visits.  The last cat that had to go in was Gimper.  He spent the weekend at the emergency clinic.  The cost was over $1,000.00.


    ·        The Kansas State College of Veterinarian Medicine has a veterinary health center.  If any cat needs specialized diagnostics this is where they are taken.  The last large expense was for Sherman.  He had a chronic cough and it seemed like he was having some trouble breathing.  The diagnostic tests alone were above $1,000.00.  Total treatment cost was over $2,000.00 Sherman had to have a balloon procedure to widen his narrow nasel cavity.  He has gone two years without further treatment but is beginning to cough so he may need the balloon procedure again.


    ·        Sometimes people cannot afford veterinarian treatment for their animals.  Rita’s Cat Rescue will help with those bills.  The animal needing treatment does not have to be a cat.  Funds are also necessary for trap, neuter, return programs for feral cats.  These programs keep cat populations down.

  • Improve the quality of life for the cats at the rescue building.

    Project Details

    The quality of life for the cats at the rescue building will be improved by:

    · Providing a continuous fresh air exchange. Equipment will be installed allowing for a continuous exchange of air. A business has already offered the equipment at cost and a reduced fee for installation.

    · Installing enclosed outdoor activity area and ensuring safe access. A system of cat runs has been donated. The cat runs need to be positioned along the back exterior of the building with access to the outdoor area from the interior.


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