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This Year's Project: Bible Club

About Our Organization

Beatrice Christian Academy is a Christian learning center. Our mission is to inspire each person who enters our doors to find their God-given, world-changing calling.

We believe each child has a God-given gift that can change the world in a profound way.

We believe in learning to learn, learning to do, and learning to be.

We believe in a closely-connected Christian community of lifelong learners who will stand as leaders with courage and integrity.

At Beatrice Christian Academy, we focus on allowing children to explore their world with hands-on activities that they can use to help them discover their God-given gifts and abilities. 

Current Project: Bible Club

Beatrice Christian Academy hosts a Bible Club for children in the fall and the spring. There is no cost to attend our Bible Club. At each Bible Club, children have a meal, sing Bible songs, learn a Bible lesson, and participate in a craft or activity. Our Bible Club uses a fun, interactive curriculum that teaches Scripture while fostering the discovery of each child’s God-given gifts and talents. This year we are raising money for supplies and materials for our Bible Club, so we can continue to make Christian education fun and interactive for children.

Past Projects

  • Bible Club Materials

  • Start-up Supplies

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Beatrice Christian Academy

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