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This Year's Project: CASA of Gage County

About Our Organization

CASA of Gage County is a local not-for-profit that recruits, trains and supports community volunteers who advocate for abused, neglected, truant and ungovernable youth in Juvenile Court. CASA volunteers are appointed by a judge to a specific case. They get to know the children and all of the circumstances and issues surrounding the family.  CASA volunteers have a court order allowing them access to the children and all information (medical, therapeutic, educational) about the children. CASA volunteers gather information and write reports that go directly to the judge stating what they’ve observed and what they recommend for next steps. CASA collaborates with many programs to put services in place, and facilitate movement through the system so that children achieve permanency. CASA volunteers often visit the child at their school, talking to the teachers, school counselors, and teacher aides. Judges report the impact of a CASA volunteer is most pronounced in  “promoting long-term wellbeing”, “appropriate services to child and family” and “Psychological well being”. CASA volunteers also share with the judge the needs and wishes of the children. CASA volunteers offer an outside perspective and provide the judge with more information on which to base decisions. Most importantly, CASA volunteers are the child’s voice in court.


The generosity of the community will help our Gage County CASA program support the children we serve in Gage County.

Big Give Gage Funds raised this year will be used to assist and support the children in our local community:

  • $25 purchasing training materials for volunteers
  • $50 contributing to our volunteer appreciation events
  • $75 Purchasing items of need threw out the year to the children we serve in our community
  • $100 to help support community and continuing education.
  • Your generosity can help in many ways

Current Project: CASA of Gage County

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Legal Name: CASA of Gage County


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