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This Year's Project: So she knows we're here for her.

About Our Organization

Willow Center is dedicated to strengthening families and affirming the value of all human life by providing emotional support and practical assistance for crisis pregnancy and families in need.

Current Project: So she knows we're here for her.

So often we don’t hear about crisis pregnancies.  They often lead to feelings of guilt or shame and therefore are not spoken about openly.  This can lead to a lack of shared knowledge regarding help for those affected.  Willow Center desires to bring a message of hope to these situations. We provide peer counseling and practical resources that lead to empowerment for those facing what might at first seem impossible.


For those who think they might be pregnant, we provide free, confidential pregnancy tests as well as an ultrasound for an image of the pregnancy.  We offer a non-judgmental place for her to talk about her situation and to express her concerns. We can then discuss options with her and refer for other local assistance, too, as needed.


For those who choose to parent, we have a resource center filled with free baby and toddler clothing, gear and even monthly diapers and formula if needed.  We provide free parenting classes on many different topics and have newborn gift bags, birthday gift bags for kids and more. 


If adoption is a better choice, Willow Center provides a meeting location and referral resources to make the process with the professional adoption organization as convenient and supportive as possible.  


One of the biggest challenges facing our mission is how to reach those who are feeling alone and trying to find a solution to an unplanned pregnancy.  Although pricey, online advertising is one of the most effective ways to reach these women.  For the first time, we are considering a paid online presence in order to reach out to those looking for help.  With your donation, we will not only be able to provide the personnel and resources to help a woman in need, but we will also be able to make sure she knows we are here when she is online looking for assistance.


We are all called to help those most in need.  Your donations can make that happen!

Thank you so much for your support now and throughout the years.

$10,517 Raised of $15,000 goal
$0 $15,000
46 Donors
Legal Name: Pregnancy Resource Center of Beatrice

2205 N. 6th St. Suite 11
Beatrice, NE 68310

(402) 228-6411

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