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This Year's Project: Expanded Outreach - Older Kids/Moms Of Older Kids

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For over 35 years, Mother-to-Mother has been a network of women joined together in friendship, offering resources and support throughout life's challenges, and encouraging the best in each other.

Current Project: Expanded Outreach - Older Kids/Moms Of Older Kids

For this year's Big Give, Mother To Mother/Burwood Books would like to expand our current outreach to older kids and moms of older kids. We believe that every mother and child deserves friendship, resources, support, and encouragement regardless of the age or stage of development. So often we tend to focus on new moms or moms of pre-schoolers, when in reality, even seasoned moms are often in need of the same support and resources, as they navigate the unique challenges and needs of the late elementary through early high school years. We want to be a safe place where all moms and kids feel welcomed and encouraged throughout every season of life. The money raised this year will go towards providing larger sized clothes/shoes/school items/hygiene items as needed, family events, parenting resources, and youth outings that will engage and encourage the older kids and moms of older kids that are often over looked and under served. We appreciate your partnering with us as we continue to find relevant ways to expand our outreach and better serve our community.

Past Projects

  • Dignity in Action - Women and Family Hygiene

    Project Wrap Up

    We want to thank all the generous donors from our community!

    Thanks to your generosity, we have been able to fully stock our Dignity Pantry with traditional and reusable menstrual products, laundry detergent, deodorant, soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrushes & toothpaste.

    Now the families we serve no longer have to make the heartbreaking choice between food or personal hygiene products. 

    Thank you for partnering with us as we continue to provide much needed resources to our community! 

    Project Details

    Personal hygiene is an important part of our self worth and ultimate success.

    Some of our neighbors in our community do not have access to basic hygiene products.  These products are not covered by current government programs, such as SNAP. 

    Our dream is to provide easy access for our families to feminine hygiene products and laundry care items in order to help them stay healthy, regain self confidence and live with basic dignity.

    People we serve, every month face the humiliating reality of no access of period protection. Their dilemma of having to choose between buying food to survive or menstrual care is too common.

  • Phase 2 - A Welcoming Place for our Families

    Project Details

    Mother-to-Mother Ministry is in Phase 2 of our plan to provide the most welcoming space for our families!  Stop in at Burwood Books, which serves as our service location as well as the largest used bookstore in southeastern Nebraska, and see what is happening!  We are opening up fun spaces for our little ones to play and have story time and fashioning a new welcome center.  This space will provide our new Program Coordinator, Angela Keyes, with both work and storage areas in a comfortable and private setting as we continue to provide both a network of support to families, as well as tangible items such as diapers, wipes, baby food, formula, clothing, toys and more!  Thank you for your continued support!

  • Mother-to-Mother Ministry: A Most Welcoming Place

    Project Details

    Mother-to-Mother Ministry has a dream to update and organize the space to which our families are invited in the Burwood Book Store at 609 Court Street, Beatrice.  Our current reception, office and craft space are furnished with a variety of donated items.  For crafts, the tables are wobbly, stained and not exactly child-friendly.  We've already begun with a fresh coat of paint and plans for a hand-painted mural.  Needed furnishings would include desk, chairs, and kid-friendly craft tables to make the most of limited space.  While we are currently hosting Tuesday Play Dates and Thursday Story Time in outdoor spaces, we feel this is a perfect time to dream and envision a most cheerful and welcoming space for those we serve.  Mother-to-Mother Ministry has been and continues to provide during the Covid-19 pandemic, support and tangible items to our families which include diapers, wipes, baby food, formula, clothing, toys and more!


  • Family Programs for Fun, Learning and Exploration and Emergency Supplies

    Project Details

    Mother-to-Mother Ministries provides a network of support through parent/child programs including weekly family play dates on Wednesdays and story time and crafts on Thursdays. Several times a year, families day trips are planned: fun at the Lincoln Zoo or exploring the children's museum. This year a new program just for moms was launched, lovingly called Mom 101. Together moms will have time to relax and try new things, like make-your-own spa and fun with herbs. Emergency supplies are available to all families at no cost: diapers, wipes, formula, baby food, and clothing.

$7,200 Raised of $5,000 goal
$0 $5,000
34 Donors
Legal Name: Mother-to-Mother Ministry of the Beatrice Area, Inc.

609 Court Street (Burwood Books)
Beatrice, NE 68310

(402) 613-3406

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