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About Our Organization

Sewing For Babies is a totally volunteer group, who make items for babies whose mothers need them.  Our 13 volunteers have combined their love of babies and sewing to provide 3,190 items for mothers this year.  The cost of these items is $10,251.75.  We meet twice a month and do sewing at home too. Our volunteers have spent 2,421 hours sewing this year.  We make about 20 different items which are given to BlueValley Community Action, who distribute them at their WIC clinics and to Willow Center in Beatrice.  About 9 counties over southeast Nebraska benefit from our sewing. Because we have no monetary income, we depend on donations to keep us sewing.


Current Project:

Past Projects

  • Quilts and Sleepers

    Project Details

    Sewing for Babies doesn't often get donations of material and batting for larger items and has to purchase those on our own, a cost that would reach up to $27,000 a year if purchased at full price. Flannel and batting are used to make quilts and receiving blankets, with leftover batting and flannel used for bibs and changing pads and scraps of batting is used to stuff toys. Sewing for Babies also purchases interlock knit to make sleepers and penquins to give away. 

    So far in 2022 Sewing for Babies has given away 435 bibs, 332 changing pads, 419 quilts, 275 receiving blankets, and 149 toys, as well as 267 sleepers and 40 penguins across 9 counties in southeast Nebraska. All donations through the Big Give to support the $5,000 goal will allow us to continue making and distributing these items. 

  • Materials for Projects

    Project Details

    Many of the items we make can be made from scraps of donated material, but we need large pieces of flannel and batting to make quilts. We donate about 360 quilts a year, and then we also need to purchase interlock knit for sleepers. We donate around 250 sleepers per year. The cost of material is increasing each year so funding is needed to purchase the material we need.

  • Supplies to Make Sleepers & Quilts

    Project Details

    Our organization depends totally on donations of material, yarn, thread, and money to continue. Monetary donations are needed for supplies and material for making quilts and sleepers. We made and donated 2,886 items for distribution in 2019, including 332 quilts and 273 sleepers. Our volunteers spent 8,212 hours in 2019 to make these items.

    The cost of making a quilt is $30.00 and sleepers are $24.00, so our organization is attempting to raise $16,512 to cover the cost of supplies to make items for distribution.

  • Sewing quilts and sleepers, rompers

    Project Details

    We will need batting, flannel and material for each quilt we make. We donate 300 quilts per year to Blue Valley Community action and each one costs at least $30.00 to make. The interlock knit costs $12.00 to $15.00 a yard and 2 yards are needed for each sleeper we make. We supply Blue Valley Community action with 300 sleepers and 80 rompers per year.

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Sewing for Babies

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