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This Year's Project: New Restroom Facility at Arbor State Park

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Our vision is a proud, attractive community that builds on its history, continually works to ensure a thriving economic, educational, and recreational presence for today and plans to continue it's powerful hometown appeal for generations to come.


Current Project: New Restroom Facility at Arbor State Park

This year our proceeds from BIG GIVE GAGE will focus on building a new restroom facility to accommodate fans of the American Legion Baseball team, Raider Football team, campers at Irwin's Grove, and 4-H members at the Rodeo Arena in Arbor State Park. An article titled “To Build New Rest Rooms At Arbor State Park” was printed in Wymore Arbor State in October 1956.  An excerpt from the article reads “The park board, mayor, and council agreed that if a building was to be built, it should be made an attractive addition to the park, and also a permanent one. It was felt that attractive, modern restrooms would be an invitation to the public to keep them that way”.  After 67 years this bathroom needs to be replaced. The current restroom walls are held together with a steel rod.  This amenity is neither attractive nor modern and certainly is not enticing to our citizens or visitors coming to our beautiful park. The final drawing and exact location have not been determined by our park board and city council as of yet. Please consider giving toward this essential structure.

Past Projects

  • Park Improvements

    Raised $29,871.26 Towards the Goal of $20,000.00

    Project Wrap Up

    2022 proved to the Wymore-Blue Springs Area Fund that our donors want to see improvements in our parks.  With 133 donors our final result was $32,220.93.  We worked with the Wymore's Park Board and decided to use some of the money raised to redo the 2 signs going into Arbor State Park.  The remainder of the money has been set aside to help the city with the purchase of a new restroom facility.  The final blueprint and location need to be determined by the park board and the city council.   We have raised over $ 44,000 which is designated toward this project. 

    Project Details

    While we continue to work on our unrestricted endowment we have focused on improving our parks. A.D. McCandless, the father of the Wymore park system, was an influential resident in the 1880s and we credit him for Wymore being known as the “Park City.” At one time in the early 1900s Wymore had eight parks that encompassed 82 acres. We have focused the past several years on McCandless Park and are pleased with its rejuvenation. We have reached our goal for the Inclusive ADA playground and now turn our focus to other much-needed improvements in our parks. We will work closely with the city’s park board, to identify possible enhancements (restroom facilities, refurbished signs, low-maintenance picnic tables, and improvements at McCandless little league ball field). Each of these improvements will need the dedication of our loyal supporters. Mr. McCandless saw a park as a restful place where there one sees trees and walks on the grass. His quote was “Later we, or our children, can put on the touches.” We are the children. Please consider giving to our project for the revitalization of our parks.

  • McCandless Park Project Final Phase

    Raised $43,179.47 Towards the Goal of $25,000.00

    Project Wrap Up

    The results of the 2021 Big Give Gage were incredible. Our focus for the 2020 & 2021 Big Give was to raise money for the final phase of the McCandless Park Project, which is the inclusive ADA playground for 5-12-year-olds. Prior to Sept 2021, WBSAF had $41,768 to put toward this amazing asset to our community. With the astronomical funds we received from the 2021 Big Give, $45,443; plus our fundraisers, and memorials we benefited from, we now hold $103,562.  Our partner, Southern Gage Kiwanis, holds money for this project, and the city was granted money in August 2022 that has helped us achieve our goal.

    Project Details

    Results happen over time, not overnight. Work hard, stay consistent, and be patient! 

    Our current estimate to purchase and install the new playground set with a rubber mat base is $146,742. 

    The generosity of so many people has been amazing. It is because of this support that McCandless Park has seen a major transformation. We are on our last leg of this project and hope to finish soon.

    Our final phase of the McCandless Park Project is to purchase and install a handicapped inclusive playground to provide older children of ALL abilities a place to interact with each other and to do what all kids want to do, PLAY!   Southern Elementary School currently serves a population where 30% of the students have some type of either physical or cognitive disability.  The need for an ADA-inclusive playground is obvious. The playground is designed to provide a sensory-rich environment that enables children to develop physically, socially, and emotionally.  It'll be a place that will meet a variety of needs and interests and offer a "just-right" level of challenge for all children, age 5-12.  The rubber playground surface allows wheelchair accessibility and will be beneficial for parents, grandparents, and caregivers to accommodate the children they love. 

    Be sure to scroll down and peek at our 2020 photos and video.  Thank you for taking time to look at our site and for your consideration.

  • McCandless Park Project

    Raised $24,999.00 Towards the Goal of $20,000.00

    Project Wrap Up

    2020 Big Give Gage was again a success. We were working on the final phase which is the ADA Inclusive playground for 5-12-year-olds. We received a total of $24,999. Our goal was $20,000. We increased our number of donors from 94 to 122. We are getting one step closer to the amount needed for this remarkable asset for our community.

    Project Details

    McCandless Park has seen positive changes since 2016 and those changes must continue till the last phase is complete.  Thanks to the 2019 BIG GIVE GAGE we were able to meet that goal and the restroom/concession stand is being built as you read this.
    Our final phase is to purchase an Inclusive, Handicapped Accessible playground for the 5-12 year old’s.  An Inclusive Playground provides many benefits to children and will be a huge asset to our community.
    By making playgrounds inclusive it can resolve many social problems because children of all abilities can play together. Parks and playground equipment shouldn't limit or segregate children. Inclusive playgrounds encourage play, which leads to a mutual understanding, friendships, and a true feeling of community.  Further, inclusive play areas also allow adults of varying ages and abilities to actively engage with the children in their care. The playground can become a truly multi-generational gathering space for community enjoyment, socialization, healthy bodies and imaginative fun.
    Southern Elementary School currently serves a population where 20% of students are utilizing special education services.  The need for an Inclusive Playground is obvious. The total cost of the final phase of this process is $142,962.  With your support the WBSAF will be able to provide this much needed, long overdue, benefit to our community.   
    The WBSAF sees the benefits inclusive playgrounds bring to a community and the development of the whole child – mentally, physically and socially.  With the addition of an Inclusive Playground in McCandless Park, the WBSAF is able to do our part to encourage play, which leads to a mutual understanding, friendships, and a true feeling of community.

  • McCandless Park

    Raised $23,612.43 Towards the Goal of $25,000.00

    Project Wrap Up

    • Phase III completed in the spring of 2021 is the park's new restroom/concession building. The steel-based structure is ADA accessible, with stainless steel toilets, sinks, and a health and safety compliant kitchen for concessions, available for use by groups hosting events in the park, including the little league that utilizes the baseball field in the park. Our final total amount with the matching funds received from the Big Give Gage 2019 was $25,624. Our goal was $25,000 We had 94 donors.

    Project Details


    McCandless Park is a wonderful resource to the families of Wymore.

    Our park is in desperate need of a new bathroom facility and concession stand.  The cost of this building is approximately $120,000.  The current bathroom was built in the 1960's, it lacks lighting, privacy, and most importantly a sink for handwashing.  The park is used by travelers, people watching little league baseball games, and families having picnics.  The Wymore community deserves a park that is a reflection of a vibrant thriving community.

    Although, the bathroom/concession stand is our main priorty at this time we hope to purchase an inclusive, handicapped accessible playground for the 5-12 year olds.  Approximately 30% of elementary children in the Southern school district have some type of sensory deficit. 

    Already over $60,000 has been put into this park with 2-5 year old playground, trash receptacles, benches, picnic tables, a shelter, and security cameras. We have raised another $50,000 toward our next phase.

    It gives us great satisfaction to hear our community remark how they appreciate what we have done so far.  Please help us continue to move in a positive direction by donating financially.   Our community desrves to be proud of this great asset.


$31,175 Raised of $20,000 goal
$0 $20,000
149 Donors
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