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This Year's Project: Nebraska LOSS Team Conference

About Our Organization

Blue River LOSS (Local Outreach to Suicide Survivors) Team serves the Gage/Jefferson Counties area. The purpose of LOSS Team is to provide support and resources for survivors of suicide, as well as an installation of hope, to survivors as close to the time of their loss as possible. We are here to provide postvention support (following the loss) and resources to bereaved loved ones when one is ready to find help.

 The Local Outreach to Suicide Survivors (LOSS) Team consists of a volunteer team made up of trained mental health professionals and survivors of suicide loss to bring immediate support to survivors of suicide. Suicide survivors are those persons who have had a loved one complete a suicide and are at risk due to their emotional response, which may include the use of unhealthy coping strategies or attempting suicide themselves.

 The LOSS Team is activated by first response officials (law enforcement, EMS, etc.) when a suicide occurs to provide resources, support, and hope to suicide survivors. The volunteers provide assistance to survivors to help them cope with the trauma of their loss, provide follow-up contact with the survivors, and coordinate the utilization of services and support groups within the community.

Current Project: Nebraska LOSS Team Conference

The Blue River LOSS Team is hosting the 2024 Nebraska LOSS Team Conference. This 2-day conference will be held at Southeast Community College and will include a keynote speaker, breakout sessions, and survivor panel. Attendees will include suicide loss survivors, state LOSS team members, first responders, and other professionals who work with both grieving families and mental health. Our plan is to keep costs low in order to allow more people to attend. We will provide meals and informational materials (plus swag) for attendees. The funds will be utilized for speaker stipends; we believe it is important to have the most qulified and knowledgeable presenters as possible. 

Past Projects


    Project Details

    This year, we plan to hold an event to commemorate International Survivors of Suicide LOSS Day which is Saturday November 19th. International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day is an event in which survivors of suicide loss come together to find connection, understanding, and hope through their shared experience. We will host a viewing of the movie Suicide: The Ripple Effect at The Beatrice Community Players. “Suicide: The Ripple Effect” is a feature length documentary film and MOVEMENT, focusing on the devastating effects of suicide and the tremendous positive ripple effects of advocacy, inspiration and hope that are helping millions heal & stay alive. Seen by over 250,000 people already, across 7 countries, this film is having a global impact. The film highlights the journey of Kevin Hines, who at age 19, attempted to take his life by jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge. Today Kevin is a world-renowned mental health advocate, motivational speaker and author who travels the globe spreading a message of hope, recovery and wellness. The film chronicles Kevin’s personal journey and the ripple effect it has on those who have been impacted by his suicide attempt and his life's work since. In addition, the film highlights the stories of individuals and families who are utilizing their personal tragedy to bring hope and healing to others. We will have complimentary concessions for all who attend. Each attendee will get a care package which will include LOSS Team items, a candle to remember their lost loved one, reading material, and items to help cope and heal. The money raised will be used towards reserving the space, food, beverages, handouts, advertising, and care package items.

  • Community Outreach

    Project Details

    Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, our community is in even more need of support and mental health awareness. This year we want to reach more people with our message by being more visible. With the proceeds, we want to increase the community's awareness of our mission. We also use the money raised to share resources such as books for adults, teens, and children with suicide loss survivors. Saturday November 20, 2021 is International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day and we plan to have an event to recognize those who have been impacted by suicide. 

  • Increase Suicide Prevention Awareness

    Project Details

    Our 2020/2021 project is to increase awareness in Gage and Jefferson counties about suicide prevention. Our plan is to be more visible in our communities via prominent ads, a billboard sign, and sponsoring a Suicide Prevention movie at the Community Players in Beatrice. We want to promote positivity in our communities and to instill a feeling of hope. 

  • LOSS Team

    Project Details

    The Blue Rivers LOSS Team was established in 2018. Raised funds go to purchase resources for suicide survivors and to promote suicide prevention events in the Gage/Jefferson County areas.

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